Smarter way to manage your documentation

Guidean is a one-app documentation solution for creating, managing and sharing work instructions. Generate consistent, detailed and visual guides, modify details with just a few clicks and manage user access rights effortlessly. With Guidean, the latest information of your installation and workflow procedures keeps organized and available 24/7 with any device.

Guidean helps you to

Create detailed step-by-step guides

A one-app solution for composing visual, detailed and action-oriented instructions that is remarkably faster than working with office softwares.

Keep information up to date

Materials interact with each other, which makes updating your guides and manuals as efficient as possible. Just a few clicks and you’re done.

Share know-how efficiently

Users, such as your employees, customers and third parties, can access the granted documents anywhere and have the latest information all the time.

Organize and clarify documents

Working is straightforward when all instructions are unified, crystal-clear and in the same place. No time wasted in searching and interpreting notes.

  • Installation manuals
  • Process instructions
  • Orientation guides
  • Product guides

Guidean can be used to create manuals for several different processes that require comprehensive and detailed instructions.

Guidean has helped us to focus our resources more efficiently

Key features

Multimedia in-app elements

Use photography, graphic, drawing and text tools to create detailed instructions.

Smart document interaction

When user modifies information, Guidean updates the edited details in all linked materials.

User access management

Give individual users or groups access for specific folders and documents.

Easy to introduce

Whether integrated with existing systems or launched independently, Guiden experts help you get started.

The process


Fill in the form and tell us what you need. We’ll respond to you as soon as possible.


We’ll examine your needs and situation, and make you an offer.


Guidean is launched in co-operation with the client to have it run smoothly.


If you have any challenges with documentation, we’ll help you to tackle them.

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Guidean experts are dedicated to help you out

Our main mission is to offer a solution that helps our customers to do their business better – after all, Guidean is developed for its users.

Whether you have challenges, questions or enquiries concerning Guidean, our experts are dedicated to find right solution and help you to handle your documentation smarter.


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